SOFIA GREFF    Visual Performance Artist

Durch mein Interesse an den Beziehungen zwischen den Dingen, der Vergänglichkeit und der menschlichen Unbeständigkeit, hat sich in meiner Arbeit der Schwerpunkt auf die Unmittelbarkeit und die Improvisation geschoben. Das intensive Gefühl des Liveauftrittes, den geteilte Augenblick, Zeugen eines Werkes selbst zu erleben, stellt die Grundlage meiner performativen Arbeit dar.


With my interest in relationships between things, the ephemeral and in human instability, my work has evolved into being more instantaneous and improvised. The intense feeling of being 'on stage' and sharing the moment with an audience, to have witnesses to a work coming into being, this is what forms the basis of my work within performance art.
Inquiring into the habitual use of body and objects, my work often unearths an absurd emergence. By exploring the many possible relations between things through performing, I try to find the centre of the work out directly in front of an audience, making the process visible and allowing the senses to perceive the work on different levels.